Red Light Camera Violations in Culver City

Running a red light has been a crime basically ever since stoplights were invented. Sometimes you’re lucky enough that no one is around when it happens and no bad consequences come out of it. Of course, this generally isn’t the  →

Learn How Hit-And-Run In California Can Land You In Jail

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How To Avoid Losing Your License From Reckless Driving Offense

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What To Expect If You Hit A Pedestrian

When driving a motor vehicle in the state of California, it is important to always focus on pedestrians and avoid hitting them. If you were to hit a pedestrian, you can deal with some significant consequences. These may include fines,  →

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What To Expect If You Refuse A Sobriety Test

Every state including California has what are known as “implied consent laws” meaning if you are licensed to operate a motor vehicle and stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence, it is implied you must take a Blood Alcohol  →

Busted for Delivering Marijuana?

Customers love delivery services. Whether ordering sweet-and-sour pork with a side of eggrolls or a bag of marijuana with some edible gummies on the side, California delivery services enjoy big demand. The demand makes sense when you consider the time  →

When Is Vehicular Search and Seizure Illegal?

The law permits vehicular search and seizure in some cases. However, it doesn’t permit search and seizure when no crime is suspected. Understanding the many variables of the search and seizure process is key to knowing whether or not the  →

Who Is at Fault When Intersection Lights Are Blacked Out or Not Marked at All?

Who Is at Fault When Intersection Lights Are Blacked Out or Not Marked at All? According to The California Driver’s Handbook… Some drivers appear to be confused when faced with an intersection that has malfunctioning lights or no markers at all. The California Driver’s Handbook clearly states that blacked out intersections are to be treated  →

How to Fight a Marijuana DUI Case code 23152(b)

How to Fight a Marijuana DUI Case code 23152(b) Driving is a function that involves an amount of responsibility. Even though in some states the use of recreational marijuana has been made legal it is treated the same as alcohol when operating a motor vehicle. As a result, being  →