The Traffic Ticket Attorneys, Desind and Klijian, have over 45 years of combined experience in fighting traffic tickets. Our attorneys are well respected and known for their experience in fighting traffic tickets, specialized knowledge of the law and procedures and results by the court personnel, officers, deputies, competitors and clients. In fact, several of the same attorneys that you may call to fight your ticket, attempt to hire them to appear on your behalf without you even knowing it!

The Traffic Ticket Attorneys give our clients the best possible results in court. You get unparalleled legal representation for a very reasonable price and you eliminate unnecessary trips to the courthouse, your time, anxiety and hassle and your chances of a favorable outcome are increased 90-95%.

Scott Desind and Michael Klijian are experienced attorneys who have been highly successful fighting traffic tickets like yours. After speaking with our office, your questions and concerns will be taken care of.

Your driving record is too important for you not to obtain the best representation regarding your traffic issue, no matter how big or small you may think it is. Take a few minutes of your time and contact our office to let us explain to you how we can help and get you out of this mess!

Mark Schraeder – Executive Director105_0550_edited

Mark Schraeder has worked in Traffic and Criminal law for the last 17 years. As a former University Professor of Argumentation, Mark describes himself as “an overeducated legal consultant.” He understands the complexities and legal ramifications of traffic law and the inherent judicial bias against the average person trying to fight their own case. Because of the potential DMV and insurance consequences, he believes that every moving violation (unless you are eligible for traffic school) should be aggressively litigated and hopefully dismissed.