On traffic tickets issues in California, there is a space for you to sign. This signature is your promise to appear in court on a specific day. If you do not appear before the judge, you can be charged with a FTA or failure to appear charge. This charge is a misdemeanor and carries significant penalties.

The first penalty is that the court can issue a bench warrant. A bench warrant is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. If you were to be pulled over by a police officer for any reason, they could place you under arrest, and you would be taken directly to jail.

A civil assessment for up to 300 dollars can be charged in accordance with penal code 1214.1. This would be added to any fines that have already been assessed.

A DMV hold can be placed on your driver’s license or registration. This hold may result in your driving privileges being suspended.

There are only three explanations that will be quickly accepted by the court. These are:

  • You were in the military.
  • You were in jail.
  • You were in the hospital.

If you are facing a failure to appear charge, having an attorney can be very beneficial. Call the Traffic Ticket Attorney’s today for a free consultation.