Every year, millions of traffic tickets are issued throughout California. A traffic ticket can affect you in 3 different ways:

  • you may have to pay a fine;
  • points could get added to your driver license;
  • and your insurance premium can increase.

When it comes to a traffic fine, the actual dollar amount of the penalty varies from one county to another. Each county in the State of California has its own additional penalty assessment fees and surcharges.

  • In California, there is a traffic infraction bail and penalty schedule that the counties must adhere to at the time of assessing traffic ticket penalties.
  • However, some 30 counties have the privilege to impose a penalty that exceeds the State limits.

Even though the counties follow the guidelines set by the state, there are additional court costs and fines levied at county level. So, the next time you get a ticket, go to the appropriate court in your county and have the actual amount of fine calculated by them.

In an effort to help our clients and community, we’ve created guides for major counties in California that you can use to better understand what to do about your traffic ticket.

  • Los Angeles County Traffic Ticket Guide
  • Orange County Traffic Ticket Guide
  • San Bernardino CountyTraffic Ticket Guide
  • Ventura County¬†Traffic Ticket Guide
  • Kern County¬†Traffic Ticket Guide

If your area isn’t listed above, or if you have any questions, contact us directly.