Fresno County has just announced that they are closing all of their Superior Court Branches on July 30, 2012 except for the main courthouse in Fresno City. The Fresno County Superior Court says “this comes as a result of Governor Brown’s new budget announced May 14th, that delivered massive cuts to California’s courts.” All traffic matters will now be handled online except for traffic ticket trials.

This is great news for people that absolutely need to win their traffic cases. The citing Police officers are going to have to now drive long distances to testify in each and every traffic matter. Imagine the time and cost that this is going put on each police agency (and township) within this county and you can predict the outcome. The cops won’t show up at trial and the judges will be forced to dismiss the cases. You may want to check what’s happening in your county before you plead guilty and pay the fine.

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Scott Desind

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