Gone are the days exactly where you can pass through an extended yellow light in the event you were approaching it with out stopping. Traffic lights are connected to photo cameras and the ticket will automatically be mailed to you. How nice is that?

Contemporary age technologies has not only reached us but it has all the conveniences that come together with it also. Not only are you able to spend your ticket on-line but you are able to view yourself going through the red light in 3 different views which includes a couple of frame by frame shots.

Listed here are 5 advantages of receiving a photo notice of violation:

  1. You can see your license plate up close. This could come in useful in the event you should ever forget your license plate number.
  2. You can send pictures to your buddies. A contemporary new-age type of photo sharing, lest these of you without kids have absolutely nothing to pass around.
  3. You can have proof of your whereabouts because the violation is dated and timed.
  4. Cuts down around the police force required and it enables police officers to become around the streets and available for crime in our cities if required.
  5. The parking authority will keep in mind your information on-line for future violations together with your credit card number. Cuts down on remembering credit card info and keystroking.

Of course, you can request a hearing and dispute the ticket. But then again, it is signed by a police officer stating that they think all of the info to become true and correct and that the camera system was “operating properly in the time the driver entered the intersection following the light turned red”.

If you should have any doubt, they include the frames that really display the light RED and your automobile actually driving whilst it was red. The only factor they don’t know was who was driving the car.

Be conscious that red lights cameras are becoming placed in substantial trafficked areas. Just look for signs stating their presence and do not speed. The $450 fee is nothing to laugh at.

The red light camera program will catch you RED handed every time.

If by chance you receive a red light camera ticket in the mail, put it on your desk and call our attorneys. Why send $450 to the government program and support the red light cameras? Why not spend about the same amount of money with a traffic ticket attorney and get the ticket dismissed. You’ll get your tickets dismissed, no points on your record, no points on your insurance, and you won’t have to go to traffic school.

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Scott Desind

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