Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Ever since the California Vehicle Act of 1914 created the laws pertaining to vehicles and driving, the California Vehicle Code has slowly evolved into what we know today. Before 1969, traffic violations were handled as criminal misdemeanor offences. You could  →

5 Ticket Errors To Help You Avoid A DUI Ticket

If you have ever left a party after a few drinks, perfectly capable of driving, and been pulled over by law enforcement, you have probably been issued a ticket for DUI, or driving under the influence. DUI tickets become more  →

Parking Tickets Disputed by Mobile Apps

Imagine leaving your gym after an intense morning workout and driving to your favorite café for a large latte with almond soy milk. After convincing yourself its worth the almost $5.00 to satisfy your craving for a caffeinated post-workout treat,  →

Parking Ticket Myths Exposed

Owning a car can be a great convenience. But that convenience does come with some drawbacks, including parking problems. It can be difficult to find a legal parking place, especially in crowded cities such as New York City. Over 11.7  →

Prepare to Fight a Speeding Tickets, It Is Financially Prudent

Receiving a speeding ticket is never pleasant. Moreover, between the cost and inconvenience associated with paying a ticket off, it’s easy for anyone—particularly those who hadn’t previously received a moving violation—to become frustrated. However, what many don’t know is that  →

The Penalties Of Driving And Texting

Everyone talks about the dangers of texting and driving, but most people don’t think about the potential penalties of driving and texting if they happen to get caught. There are many fines and punishments that can be imposed for violating  →

How To Avoid A Moving Violation On A Motorcycle

Motorcyclists who want to clear their driving history can attend personalized traffic schools to circumvent insurance fees or license suspension. For even more ways to avoid a moving violation on a motorcycle, check out the following points.   →

How Legal are Traffic Cameras?

Many law enforcement officials have taken steps to increase numbers of red light cameras that are placed at intersections. They are intended to help drivers avoid running a red light. It is believed this will help lower numbers of deaths  →

3 Good Reasons to Fight a Construction Area Reckless Driving Ticket

Whether you’ve just received your driver’s license or have been driving for many years in California, you’ll likely encounter construction areas during your daily commute on a regular basis. Exhibiting any kind of reckless driving in this zone can cause  →

How To Qualify For Dry Reckless Driving As A DUI Reduction

Too often, motorists who receive a traffic citation believe there is no recourse but to plead guilty, pay the fine and move on. While that may be inevitable or the best course of action in some cases, the down side  →