2017 marks the year of many changes within the Los Angeles area relating to various road and traffic laws. To many, this is an exciting development that will eliminate a lot of traffic and road accidents. One of these new laws relates to pedestrians in crosswalks which just began in March.



The Growing Concerns

There have been a drastic increase of pedestrians getting hit and killed. According to abc7.com, 11 pedestrians were killed in the San Fernando Valley area due to traffic collisions this past January and February. Many pedestrians are looking at the ground, and they are playing with their mobile phones while cross walking.

Another concern is the mortality rate of pedestrians.

  • According to visionzero.lacity.org, over 200 people get killed in traffic crashes yearly in Los Angeles.
  • This site also stated that LA is one of the biggest pedestrian fatality rates among major US cities, and that the overall traffic fatality rates are on the rise with cyclists and pedestrians.

As a result, LA Times said that Los Angeles have seen much talk from Mayor Eric Garcetti and a little action. He has ideas that have its merits for safer roads for everyone; however, only little improvements have been done.

Measures Taken So Far

Nevertheless, some measures have been taken so far. For one, police officers in Van Nuys have been wearing regular clothes, and they have issued warnings to drivers failing to stop in marked crosswalks. Also, pedestrians who are using their mobile devices and not paying attention while walking on crosswalks have also been stopped and ticketed. Other than that, officials are given safety educational measures, such as the following:

  • They give recommendations to pedestrians to avoid texting while on crosswalks.
  • They tell pedestrians to watch for turning vehicles and ensure the driver sees them before crossing.
  • They warn that just because one driver stops doesn’t necessary mean the others will.
  • They recommend wearing bright colors during nighttime, and walk in areas that are well-lit.
  • They tell them to not have the attitude of them having the right of way just because they are in a crosswalk- it’s not a good idea of having the right, yet getting killed.

Plans to Install More Safety Measures

This is just the beginning of measures that has been taken, and the city officials are looking to install more safety measures for Los Angeles busy streets.

  • They are planning on placing crosswalks where they are supplemented with flashing beacons.
  • They are also working on some bills to try to pass within the California Legislative Session regarding walking, safety, and other such matters.
  • The first primary election occurred on March the 7th. These types of bills consisted of issues, such as bike riders, the transporting of school children and the elderly, cross walking laws, and so forth.

With the first primary election just occurred a few weeks ago, it’s still too early to determine the result of most of these bills. Other than that, a hearing has been initiated for a few of these bills, and these bills have two years to undergo the legislative process.

With all these changes within the Los Angeles area, tons of accidents relating to traffic and roads will be prevented. The city officials are also working to implement other safety measures which is very optimistic to many in reducing the mortality rate, to ensure their children are travelling safely to and from school, and safety for everyone.

[Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/statefarm/26554371316/]

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