Chatsworth is in the northwestern section of Los Angeles, nestled in the San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately, this neighborhood has several areas where law enforcement officers hand out traffic tickets on a regular basis.



Common Traffic Tickets – Speed Violations

The most common traffic tickets issued in Chatsworth are speeding tickets. Specifically, California Vehicle Codes 22350 and 22349(s).

  • CVC 22350 is the basic speed law which prohibits driving at unsafe speeds that may pose a hazard to life and/or property.
  • This code allows local municipalities to set lower speed limits which are under the maximum speed limit.
  • CVC 22349(a) is the maximum speed limit law. A motorist will usually receive a CVC 22349(a) travelling on the freeways where speed limits are higher.

Common Areas to Receive Speeding Tickets

Radar is often used to catch offenders mostly during commuting hours. The following areas are noted as having more speeding tickets issued:

  • Tampa Avenue–this stretch of major roadway runs north/south and is a busy commuter highway.
  • Mason Avenue–this is a secondary north/south roadway that is close to the Chatsworth Courthouse.
  • Topanga Canyon Blvd–also known as Highway 27.
  • Rinaldi Street–this east/west roadway curves and winds a lot, which may account for its share of speeding tickets.
  • Nordhoff Street–another east/west street which also crosses Tampa and Mason Avenues.

How to Handle a Speeding Ticket

Receiving a speeding ticket is a very costly consequence for drivers, both in fines and points which affect insurance rates. The State of California provides various resources for assistance in navigating the traffic violation process:

  • You may elect to pay the ticket via multiple payment options. You may also request a payment plan if you qualify.
  • Traffic School is another way to possibly reduce or dismiss fines and avoid points on your record.
  • You may request an extension to either appear before the judge or pay your fine at a later date.
  • You have the right to contest the ticket by either requesting a court trial or by completing a Trial by Declaration (contesting the ticket in writing).

The California Courts Self Help Center is an online service that provides instruction and guidance through the entire traffic violation process. Individuals may also contact the Traffic Automated Phone Help hotline for assistance. Visit for telephone numbers to the hotline.

  • Amnesty programs may be offered by the State. If it is offered, it would be noted on the website.
  • Some individuals elect to retain the services of an attorney to assist them with their traffic violations and represent them in court.

Chatsworth Courthouse Location

The Chatsworth Courthouse handles all traffic infractions for the area. The Traffic Collections Department is located on the first floor in Room 1200. This department handles all administrative aspects of traffic violations including but not limited to requests for extensions, paperwork for Proof of Completion and Correction, traffic school requests, scheduling court dates, and processing Trial by Written Declarations. Of course, you can also make payments here as well.

Court arraignments, night court and court trials are handled in Departments F-40 or F-41. Both departments are located on the lower level pf the courthouse. There is a fee for parking, which is located on the north side of the building. The court website provides detailed hours of operations for these departments as well as directions to the courthouse and telephone numbers for various areas within the courthouse. You can click on the link for direct access to the website:

Dealing with traffic tickets can be frustrating, but having options to alleviate some of the stress can be beneficial in the long run.


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