Many drivers know what a busy morning is like; trying to make up some time on the commute, and spending a little less time than we should at that stop sign. Maybe you pause for a split second, make sure there’s no cross-traffic, and keep going. Or maybe you see that the way is clear so you slow down, and then keep going. Then it happens. A siren blares behind you and you see the black and white police cruiser on your tail, waving you to the side of the road. A single bad decision to save a couple extra seconds now means a traffic citation has your name on it.

Downsides of Getting a Traffic Ticket

For any driver in Chatsworth who has had that moment of seeing the police car lights flashing and the siren go off and realize it’s for you, it can really bring your day down.

  • Getting a ticket in Chatsworth is not a lot of fun, and they can cost you quite a bit of money when you have to go to the courthouse to pay the traffic ticket.

The “California Stop”

The so-called “California Stop” is one of the most common types of traffic tickets given out on a daily basis. They are given out for 22450(a) Stop Sign Violation and 22101(d) Failure to Obey a Sign.

  • The “California Stop,” also known as failing to stop for the required three seconds at a stop sign, or slowing down briefly then rolling right through the sign without stopping at all, is a ticketed offense.
  • When an officer sees a driver committing a violation of one of those laws, they will normally perform a basic traffic stop and write a citation for one of those two offenses.

The most frequent areas in Chatsworth where people receive these tickets are Tampa Ave, Mason Ave, Topanga Canyon Blvd, Rinaldi St., and Nordhoff St. Not only is there typically a fine involved with the ticket, but sometimes points can be added to the driver’s license as well. Some people want to see the fines or points reduced or eliminated, and look for a traffic attorney to help them with that process.

If you would like resources for handling your traffic ticket, there are options you can look into.

  • The Chatsworth courthouse at 9524 Penfield Ave has two departments that handle traffic tickets. Those departments are F-20 and F-41.
  • The traffic court’s office is on the first floor, and there people will be able to handle payments, hear a request for traffic school, and hold different types of court trials during the day.
  • Night trials are also held on the first Thursday of every month, by appointment only.

Some people have found that it is possible to reduce the amount of the fine or the other penalties by contesting the traffic ticket. If that is a new experience for you, then there is also the option of turning to an experienced traffic attorney for help and advice.

Experienced attorneys understand the way the law is written and can offer additional guidance on how to minimize the impact of a traffic ticket on both your pocketbook and your driving record.

So if you have made the “California Stop” one time too many, were pulled over, and now hold a traffic ticket from around the Chatsworth area, there are options open to you. The Chatsworth courthouse has two departments to pay and contest traffic tickets, and some people also find that they benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney about their options for contesting, reducing, or removing the fine and penalties from their driving record.


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