For the Cost of “1-CUP” Charity Campaign Kickoff

Los Angeles: The Hollenbeck Police Activities League (PAL) is kicking off its 2011-2012 “1-CUP” campaign to raise funds to offer Hollenbeck Area youths and their parents with resources, services and also the support required to assist raise effective children. The campaign hopes to raise $500,000 to serve 1,000 kids.

In addition to raising funds, the campaign’s goal is to raise awareness in the issues related with delinquency and underachieving, and to shed light on how effortlessly people of every age and socioeconomic background can be part of a answer that positively impacts the community.

The campaign functions a descriptive video featuring Edward James Olmos, Ed Begley, Jr., Ken Baker (E! News), and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Chief Beck said, “By donating just the price of a cup of your favorite premium coffee each week, $5 per week or $20 per month, you can sponsor a kid and provide him or her with the useful assistance and services that empower youth and help them succeed at achieving their goals.”

The four-month campaign hopes to raise 1,000 cups (each cup represents a person committing to the $240 annual donation). The group is also accepting one-time donations in any quantity and the donation process is easy. Donations can be made by visiting and clicking on the “donate” button.

Corporate leaders are encouraged to get involved in the campaign’s Corporate Challenge. It’s easy too. Designate a team leader and recruit buddies and colleagues to help raise funds. Recruit other corporations and make it a challenge. In the event you would like to create a personal team, you can do that as well. Anyone can create a team, and by visiting, you are able to see which celebrities are signing up to produce teams.

More info about all of Hollenbeck PAL’s projects is available at the LAPD Hollenbeck PAL’s facebook page at

For much more info on the 1-CUP Campaign, please visit or get in touch with Lorraine Garcia at 213-819-4451 or by email at

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