The Traffic Ticket Attorneys, Desind and Klijian, have over 25 years of experience fighting traffic tickets. Our attorneys are well respected and known for their experience in fighting traffic tickets, specialized knowledge of the law and procedures and results by the court personnel, officers, deputies, competitors and clients. In fact, several of the same attorneys that you may call to fight your ticket, attempt to hire them to appear on your behalf without you even knowing it! The Traffic Ticket Attorneys give our client’s the best possible representation in court and in most cases, the possible best results. You get unparalleled legal representation for a very reasonable price and you eliminate unnecessary trips to the courthouse, your time, anxiety and hassle and your chances of a favorable outcome are increased 90-95%. Scott Desind and Michael Klijian are experienced attorneys who have been highly successful fighting traffic tickets like yours. After speaking with our office, your questions and concerns will be taken care of. Your driving record is too important for you not to obtain the best representation regarding your traffic issue, no matter how big or small you may think it is. Take a few minutes of your time and contact our office to let us explain to you how we can help and get you out of this mess!

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How To Avoid Losing Your License From Reckless Driving Offense

One of the laws of the road in California and the United States as a whole dictates the speed and manner in which a person can drive. Drivers are required to be aware and not distracted while behind the wheel,  →

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What To Expect If You Refuse A Sobriety Test

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Busted for Delivering Marijuana?

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When Is Vehicular Search and Seizure Illegal?

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How to Fight a Marijuana DUI Case code 23152(b)

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Driving with Marijuana in a Container – 23222(b)

Driving with Marijuana in a Container – 23222(b) Did you know that traveling with marijuana in an unsealed container is considered a Moving Violation for 1 point, and unless you beat it in court, it will affect your insurance rates? With laws regarding marijuana being so vague, it’s  →

California Commercial Driver Laws are More Punitive in Many Ways

California Commercial Driver Laws are More Punitive in Many Ways Many people choose a career as a commercial driver with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to make a good living in a high demand occupation with the opportunity to travel throughout the country. To protect one’s ability to continue to  →

How Many Points Is An Impeding Traffic Ticket

How Many Points Is An Impeding Traffic Ticket Most drivers would like to believe they drive responsibly; amazed when they’re stopped by a law enforcement officer. You offer up every explanation for the mishap including you’re late for soccer practice or you’re running late for work. Unfortunate, the  →