10897332256_8567625784_mWhen it comes to traffic tickets, all of us make sure to abide by the traffic laws applicable within their state. However, there are still chances that you’re driving along and from out of nowhere you see red lights behind you. You pull over and willingly hand over your license and registration and in return and receive a ticket, lets say, for over-speeding.

If you are a non commercial driver, it may be easy for you to attend driving school and get the points removed from your record. But if you are a commercial driver, your job opportunities may get affected if you get a ticket in your personal vehicle and go to the traffic school as a result.

Non-commercial Drivers Can Attend Traffic School to Clean Up Their MVR

This is a scenario that most drivers have experienced. But, it’s not that bad, right? After all, a ticket will not affect your employment or livelihood. There could be some insurance ramifications, but even this could be headed off at the pass through attending traffic school. Many states allow ticketed motorist, based upon certain criteria, to go to traffic school which will eliminate points against their license and wipe their MVR(Motor Vehicle Record) clean. Only the court will have a record of this, as it’s considered a confidential conviction.

Commercial Drivers are Held to a Higher Standard than Non-commercial Drivers

This is not true for a driver holding a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Commercial drivers are held to a much higher standard than non-commercial drivers. They are considered professional drivers because they get paid to do so. Also, because they are professionally trained drivers.

The law treats non commercial drivers on below terms;

  • CDL drivers are not only held to a higher standard in their commercial vehicle, but also when driving their personal vehicle.
  • There is no system set up to separate the points accumulated on the job or off.
  • There is only one license issued to each person. Because of this, points against someone’s CDL can have a direct impact on their current job, or finding a new one.
  • Trucking companies, because of insurance issues, government regulations and oversight, can be discriminative on who they hire.

Problem With Commercial Drivers Attending Traffic School

Many commercial drivers believe that they can go to traffic school and get their points and MVR cleared. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

  • They may be able to get their points cleared, but their MVR will still show a conviction.
  • It’s the conviction, not the points, that could have a negative impact on employment.
  • The confidential conviction rule does not apply to commercially licensed drivers.
  • This could be enough to disqualify a person from obtaining a driving position in certain companies.

Many commercial drivers have concluded that going to traffic school has been counterproductive.

  • When you agree to go to traffic school, you are admitting guilt and the conviction goes on your record. Once there, the driver cannot do anything to remove it.
  • The conviction will only disappear after the set time frame of three years.

Remedies Available to Commercial Drivers

It is therefore in the best interest of commercial drivers to protect their record, by following below guidelines;

  • Strive to drive safer and pay extra attention to all traffic laws. If possible, it is best to prevent the citation in the first place.
  • Join a legal plan. For a nominal monthly fee, the driver is represented by an attorney in the event that he is ticketed. The plan must be joined before the ticket is issued.
  • Seek legal representation right away before admitting guilt.

There is no doubt that commercial drivers work hard and many do not have much free time. The thought of spending the time and energy to legally fight a ticket may seem daunting. Initially, it may seem easier to just admit guilt, pay the ticket, and get on with life. By doing this, many drivers have found that the frustrations down the road is greater than the frustrations they saved at the beginning.

Only dismissed tickets will keep a commercial drivers MVR clean. Getting tickets dismissed, through being represented by a traffic attorney, is the only way to keep negative information from showing up on your record. With a little planning and diligence, you can be confident when you show up for your next job interview.


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