Fighting 22350 Basic Speed Violation and 22349(a) Maximum Speed tickets in Los Angeles Metro can be a challenging process. It is especially hard if someone doesn’t know how to fight the violation. No matter the location, getting a ticket citation is nerve wrecking. Most people try their best to fight traffic tickets because it could affect more than just their pockets.




Code 22350 and 22349 (a) Explained

Code 22350 Basic Speed Violation is a California code law that restricts drivers from accelerating at a speed for safety reasons.

  • Basically, this law is for anyone who drives at a fast speed limit putting others in danger.
  • However, it doesn’t mention anything about driving past a posted speed limit. So that gives citizens a chance to fight their traffic case.

Vehicle code law 22349 (a), on the other hand, explains how any Californian on the highway can violate if they “speed greater than 65 miles per hour.” per California Legislative Information. Therefore, code 22350 would be an easier fight than code 22349 (a). People who live in Los Angeles Metro find better results when they understand the vehicle laws.

The Most Common Traffic Tickets

The most common traffic tickets that are usually given include codes 22350 and 22349 (a). There are experienced attorneys that can help you fight these types of traffic violations. Out of every 100 cases won, approximately 30% of their court victories were one of these two codes.

Between 2010-2014 LAPD Police fact sheet (page 8), showed they issued 285,205 violation tickets for code 22350. It ranked number two out of the top 10 citations.

Most Common Areas to Receive these Traffic Tickets

The most common areas to receive these traffic tickets in Los Angeles Metro are La Brea Avenue, Olive St, Figueroa St, Interstate 10 Freeway, Interstate 110 Freeway, U.S. Route 101 Freeway, and many other locations.

Knowing this valuable information allows people to be aware of the posted speed limit in the designated areas. Maintaining a good driving record saves people a lot of money in the long run. However, at some point in life circumstances happen where someone ends up getting a ticket.

There is one point each deducted from a person’s driving license for code 22350 and 22349 (a). Visit the Metropolitan Courthouse website for self-help, online services, forms, and filings.

  • People can find their violation details and learn how to pay their ticket from this very website. Sometimes people misplace their ticket and don’t remember their court date.
  • Metropolitan Courthouse is located at 1945 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007. The department is division 67 on the 5th floor for trials. Division 61 is on the 3rd floor for arraignments in the morning. Also, CHP trials are in the afternoon. Division 63 and 64 for arraignments goes on all day long.
  • Other important resources to visit is the California Legislative Information website. Find detailed descriptions for code laws, bill information, and publications on this site.

Getting a ticket can cause a person to lose points from their driving record which will negatively impact insurance policies. Driver points are something insurance companies base their policy fees on. People would normally contact an attorney to help them fight code violation 22350 and 22349 (a).


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