4648501867_59159c734a_zThere are several options to consider if you want to avoid getting a speeding ticket in California. Drivers in California who want to avoid a traffic citation must keep in mind the tips listed here in this post. The techniques are varied, but they help produce situations where you are less likely to be pulled over. Even though these tricks are not guaranteed to work all the time, but you can be sure that following these will pay off in the long run as you travel the highways and byways of the state.

Reducing Your Visibility

Your car should not be one that a police officer could pick out of a crowd.

  • Cars with broken tail lights, broken windshields and broken headlamps are easy targets for police officers.
  • Driving a car in an especially bright color makes your car easy to identify on the road, and any imperfections on your car become more apparent.

You must try to hide in plain sight as you drive down the road. A clean car in a standard color is much less likely to be pulled over.

Avoiding Points Of Interest

Traffic cameras and speed traps can be found through simple online searches. You may not be able to find these locations on your own, but you may search maps that have been provided online. These maps show places where speed cameras have been installed, and you can read user accounts of speed traps that are common near your home. You must drive around these areas of interest when you can.

Driving into the clutches of a speed camera or waiting police officer is an easy way to get pulled over.

Getting Your Ticket Dismissed

Getting your speeding ticket dismissed requires the assistance of an experienced attorney and some research.

  • Your attorney can research the record of the officer who pulled you over, and may argue that the officer gives out a disproportionately high number of tickets.
  • This could lead to a dismissal if malfeasance is found on the part of the officer.
  • The camera or radar gun used to clock your speed must be checked to ensure that it was working properly.
  • A wise attorney can argue that the radar gun was not working at the time of your traffic stop, and your case may be dismissed on such a technicality.

It is therefore advisable to contact an attorney and seek his assistance so they can represent your case in the court of law and get your ticket dismissed.

Following Traffic Road Signs

The road signs in your area contain all the information you need to prevent speeding. You must look up to check for signs as you drive, and you must follow them as carefully as possible. Rural and surface roads require a careful driving style to prevent speeding.

You may also consider the tips shared below to follow traffic rules on the highway.

  • Highway driving will allow you to use the cruise control on your car. Modern vehicles have cruise control that is managed on your steering wheel.
  • You can set your car to drive at the speed limit without pressing the gas pedal. The adjustment knobs on your steering wheel can be used to adjust the speed as you see changes.
  • The speed limit tends to get lower as you enter urban areas, and you will see changes in speed limits just before road construction areas.
  • Use the buttons on your steering wheel to ensure you are always driving the speed limit.

Traffic tickets are a serious matter for most drivers as they cost you money as well as add points to your driving record. You do not want to pay for unnecessary speeding tickets, and the option discussed in this post can increase your chances of avoid or get your ticket dismissed.

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