5396359471_166d544feb_zParking can be a frustrating experience, especially in a city. People have to sometimes circle nearby roads for hours, hoping against hope that a single spot will open. Finally, they encounter an open meter and park there. But after an eventful evening, they return to their vehicle and find that they have been visited by a police officer. They now have to pay an expensive parking ticket. This frustrating experience can make one ask whether they should sell their car and buy a bicycle or just start taking the train.

Well, by just integrating a few helpful maneuvers, they do not need to take such an extreme approach. There are several steps that one could take to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Set An Alert On Your Phone

One of the primary reasons that people get a parking ticket is that the meter ran out and their car is still sitting there. They were enjoying their evening and not spending the whole night worried about their car.

  • This could have been avoided if they simply set an alert on their phone a few moments before the meter is going to run out.
  • Since people check their phones quite often, most would probably be receptive to a notification.
  • This will allow them the opportunity to go out and pay a little more before the meter runs out.

Have A Stock Of Quarters In Your Car At All Times

Many meters will only accept quarters. People will often just try to gather enough for the meter. But then when they need to add a little more time, they find that they do not have enough money and this could result in a parking ticket.

  • Many people are opting to have a stock of quarters in their car for precisely this occasion.
  • They have an extra $5 in quarters stocked up that they refill when it begins to get empty.

Park In A Garage If Necessary

Parking tickets can be frustratingly expensive. Even if you are just a few moments over the meter, if an officer sees it, he could hit you with a ticket demanding almost $100 from you. In some cases, it would just be easier to find a parking garage.

  • While they cost more than you would like to pay, its still far cheaper than a parking ticket.
  • This will be particularly useful if you are not sure if you will be able to get back in time.
  • If you do not want to worry about it and wonder when you should return to your car, you will often park in a garage and pay a few extra dollars.

Check the signs thoroughly.

Suppose you found a meter, parked your car there and dutifully returned to pay before the meter expires. But, to your surprise and frustration, there is still a ticket on your car. You look up at the signs and discover that there is no parking during a certain time of the day, and it just happens to be that time of day.

  • You did not check the signs well enough. This is a common mistake.
  • Further, if there are complicated or confusing signs, many drivers will just snap a picture of them to plead their case in court. Many judges will be sympathetic if a sign does seem ambiguous.

Parking may be more complicated than it needs to be. But competent drivers will know how to navigate through the system efficiently. By following a few simple steps, you can avoid costly tickets and enjoy your evening without worrying.


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