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Radar ticket systems have become quite common in many areas today, as it gives law enforcement officers a chance to catch speeding drivers around the clock. While these machines are quite useful to municipalities, they are not always accurate when they issue traffic tickets.

Since there is no police officer to argue with you when you receive a radar speeding ticket, it may seem like a hopeless situation. You may think that you have no choice but to pay it and move on. However, this is simply not the case. There are ways to fight radar speeding tickets, and the following methods are highly effective in this regard.

Your Right to Dispute the Ticket

When you receive a radar ticket in the mail accusing you of committing a traffic violation such as speeding or running a red light, you have the right to dispute the ticket in a court of law. If you feel as if the ticket is in error, you can fight it, and in many cases, you may even win.

There is a time and date on your ticket that signifies when you need to appear in court. When you go to court, you will have the chance to fight your ticket. First of all, you should ask to see any evidence of your crime and/or any proof that you committed the crime.

Ask for a Photo of You

Another way to dispute a radar speeding ticket and win is to request a photo of you while committing the crime in question. Law enforcement will have a photo of your car and its license plate, but they may not have a picture of you in the car. If they cannot produce a picture of you behind the wheel, they have no proof that you were the one driving the car.

Law enforcement must be able to produce a clear picture of you inside the vehicle in question, showing that you were the one driving the car and committing the violation. If they cannot show you such a photo, you have the right to ask the court to dismiss the charges against you.

Asking for a Continuance

As soon as you get your ticket, make sure you take note of the court date. While you will be typically given a reasonable amount of time to prepare for your court date, in some cases, you may not be given much time at all. However, this is no reason to fret. If you feel you are not ready to go through with your trial, you have the right to ask for a continuance.

This will give you more time to prepare for your case and hire an attorney if you choose to. You will still need to show up for your court date; however, the district attorney will give you the opportunity to request a continuance before court proceedings begin.

Make sure you take note of your second court date and try to be fully prepared the second time around. While some court systems allow more than one continuance, others do not. Thus, it is best to have everything ready for your case no later than the second time you appear in court.

Proof of Service

Finally, if you received your radar ticket by regular mail, you have every right to simply ignore it. For you to be legally charged with a violation, the state must use what is called “Proof of Service” to mail you the ticket. This is somewhat like certified mail, and it shows the sender that you received the letter.

To conclude, there are a number of ways available for you to fight radar speeding tickets, and the ones discussed above are sure to help you win your case.


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