15042190249_73c2a4b10d_zPolice officers in the state of California have started a new trend of issuing driver’s extensive speeding tickets. Hundreds of drivers, including Lebron James, Matt Dillon and Al Gore’s son, received tickets for driving over 100 MPH. The vehicle code for the citation is 22348(b), and it has some rough consequences with it. The celebrities might not have had a problem handling the consequences, but you may as an ordinary citizen. This single ticket can hit you in so many areas that you may not know what to address first.

High Fines

Driving over 100 MPH will hit you in the wallet first. A first offense conviction for this violation yields a $500 fine. The expenses do not stop there, however. You may have to pay a penalty assessment that can quickly boost your expenses to more than $1,800. This is a serious problem if you do not have disposable cash like the celebrities do.

Points on Your Driving Record

Another negative repercussion that may occur if you receive a ticket for going faster than 100 MPH is that you may receive two points on your driver’s license.

  • The two points will put you halfway into having your license suspended for six months. The state of California has strict regulations about its points.
  • You may have to deal with the consequences of being placed in the negligent driver category if you get more than four points on your license in the same year, or six points on your license in any two-year time frame.
  • You may not accumulate more than eight points in three years without dealing with harsh consequences.

Points stay on your license for several years.

A Definite Insurance Skyrocket

A two-point ticket will immediately send red flags to your insurance company, and the company will increase your insurance premium because of the risk that you pose to other drivers. Your premium could up to more than $1,500 a year, and it may stay that way for three years.

License Suspension

Your license may be suspended for at least 30 days after you violate traffic regulations by driving faster than 100 MPH. That will take a toll on you in terms of getting to work and performing the everyday tasks that you need to perform.

No Traffic School Allowance

Many other violations have traffic school attendance as an option for resolving the tickets. You do not have the option to go to traffic school for driving faster than 100 MPH. Trying to handle the charge yourself could prove to be futile for you.

To recap, a violation of driving faster than 100 MPH has the consequences of:

  • Immediate 30-day license suspension
  • Two points on the license
  • $500 fine plus additional fees
  • Severely increased insurance penalties, and
  • No traffic school allowed

What to Do if You Receive This Ticket

Knowing what to do about a ticket like this can be difficult. This type of offense requires that you come to court and face a judge no matter what way you plan to plead in the case. Some people prefer to contact a traffic ticket attorney that can represent their case in the court of law and negotiate for them.

An experienced attorney may be able to have the charge reduced to a one-point violation or, better yet, a non-moving violation. You can opt to handle your charge that way by getting in touch with an attorney who can review your case discuss your options with you. It is always better to have someone lead your case who knows the system and the regulations better than you.

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