9490305376_eaeccca219_zA hit and run is loosely defined. As a rule of thumb, the hit and run involves someone fleeing the scene of an accident. Any type of object can be involved in an accident. A person, vehicle or fixture can be involved.  

The vehicle can be stationary or in motion. Being accused or suspected of a hit and run can put a person in a precarious situation.


 Most Common Scenarios for a Hit and Run

  • A pedestrian could be struck by a vehicle while walking through the crosswalk.
  • A dog can be hit by a driver by accident.
  • A person with a DUI may sideswipe or hit a vehicle and flee the scene just before the authorities arrive.
  • While parking, a person may strike a fence or barricade on accident.
  • A driver can mistakenly hit a police car if it is parked at a road block and leave the accident in order to avoid being identified.
  • A driver could hit a motorcycle or person on a bike while passing, and may speed off in order to avoid trouble with the law.

How Is Hit And Run Treated By Law

A hit and run can be treated as either a felony or a misdemeanor. The circumstances surrounding the accident ultimately determines how the accident is treated by law. If there are injuries or if the person dies as a result of the incident, the incident could be treated as a felony.

This is why it’s incredibly important to consult an attorney if you think you might be suspected of a hit and run.

What To Do When Suspected Of A Hit And Run

The first thing you should do if suspected of a hit and run is to contact an attorney. The attorney should have the background and the expertise necessary to handle your case. Having a qualified attorney is that much more important if there are any injuries or worse, a death involved. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when suspected of a hit and run.

Common Missteps When Suspected Of A Hit And Run

One of the most common mistakes a person can make if charged with a hit and run is to discuss the matter with police before consulting an attorney.

  • It isn’t uncommon for the authorities to request that you bring the vehicle to the station. While there, you may be questioned by the police.
  • You don’t ever want to put yourself in a position to answer a series of questions that may put your freedom, livelihood and driving privileges in jeopardy.

Having an attorney present should be the first priority if suspected of a hit and run.

The Most Common Defenses For A Hit and Run

There are multiple common offenses for a potential hit and run.

  • One defense is denying being the driver.
  • Claiming that there was no injury is another common defense.
  • Mistaken identity is yet another defense for a person suspected of a hit and run accident.

There may be extenuating circumstances that may have prompted you to make the decision to leave an accident.

Penalties For Hit And Run

The penalties for a felony can be severe. The person can expect to pay fines up to $20,000. The offense also carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. You simply cannot afford to not have legal representation with these risks.

If suspected of a hit and run, you need to contact an attorney immediately. The attorney should be present if you are called to answer any questions once an investigation has been launched. You want to avoid being unprepared at all costs.

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