The Department (sometimes, Division, depending on the state) of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, is a state-level agency approved by the government which oversees and administers the registration of vehicles and the creation of driver’s licenses. People often visit the DMV to take a driving test and get their professional driver’s license or commercial license, for those who are using it for business. Sometimes, the commercial license can be revoked or suspended by the DMV under several circumstances. To have the commercial license reinstated, the license owner must perform several tasks that would allow them to regain their commercial license.

Make Sure Your Address is Updated

Those who have violated several traffic rules or any regulations imposed by the DMV will receive a letter from the department, telling them that their professional driver’s license or commercial license has been suspended. The mail will be sent to the address that you put on the department’s system, and if you changed address without notifying the DMV, chances are, you would not receive any letters. It is a must to update your contact information with the DMV so that important letters like these can be obtained on time. The status of your driver’s license can also be checked by getting a copy of the records you had while driving.

Review the Letter from the DMV for Details

The letter that you will receive will contain several information, such as the reason why the license was suspended, how long the suspension will take effect and the additional requirements that must be taken before getting another license (this applies mainly to those who were suspended because they are driving under the influence of substances, and they will be sent to a seminar as an additional requirement). Those who have received a suspension letter can appeal for a restricted license, but it would limit your driving route strictly for driving to school or work, and then back home. If caught driving anywhere else under a restricted license, heavy fines, longer suspensions, and the revocation of your driver’s license.

Visit the Nearest DMV Office

The first thing to do would be visiting the nearest DMV office near you. The DMV is the sole agency that can determine the reinstatement plan that you can follow. The reinstatement plan depends on the type of suspension that was applied to the commercial license, for example, those who are driving under the influence of substances might have a different reinstatement plan compared to those who have failed to maintain their vehicle insurance, or any other points included in the department’s rules and regulations. You should talk to a representative from the DMV so that they can show you an outline about the things that you would have to do to have your commercial license reinstated.

Request for Reinstatement of License

Those who have a suspended professional driver’s license or commercial license should wait for their suspension to end. After their suspension, they can apply for reinstatement. There are also requirements that has to be fulfilled before the license can be reinstated, like the license reinstatement fee, a proof that the car has been insured, a financial responsibility proof, a proof that the vehicle has been installed with an ignition interlock device, evidences that you have gone under the required courses (for those driving under the influence of substances), a passing score for the driving test, resolving all of the criminal charges filed against you, and other requirements that are imposed by the state where your license was suspended.

You should always remember that it is your responsibility to know when your suspension will end. Most states do not send a notification to the drivers, and that is the reason why you would have to work with the respective DMV office in your state.

If your commercial license gets suspended, it’s important to immediately consult with skilled attorney who can help you get your license reinstated.  Contact us today!  We have over 25 years of experience fighting traffic tickets and helping people reinstate their license.

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