3698869372_7399e9e17e_zThe competition for a job opening in many fields and markets can be very tough, and you may want to do everything you can to position yourself ahead of the competition and to gain the attention of the employer right from the start. However, if you have traffic tickets on your driving record, you may be eliminated from the running very quickly.

By understanding which job positions may be most impacted by traffic tickets and by learning more about how employers look at traffic tickets in terms of employment prospects, you may decide to improve your driving record or even consider applying for different types of jobs to improve your employment opportunities.

Job Positions That Are Most Significantly Impacted By Traffic Tickets

Most employers will inquire about your general criminal history during the hiring process, and this often includes both felonies and misdemeanors. Some only want to know about felonies, so it is important for you to know the difference and to only provide the information that is requested during the hiring process.

  • Most moving violations are considered to be misdemeanors, but some are felonies.
  • Typically, positions that require you to drive on a regular basis as part of your responsibilities will inquire more significantly about details related to your driving history. These may be positions like truck drivers, taxi drivers, tour bus drivers, delivery drivers and others.
  • Each job opening and employer are unique, but most employers will inquire about general criminal history unless you will be driving for them.

If you are applying for a driving position, information about previous accidents that you may be involved with might also come into question.

Why Traffic Tickets Matter to Employers

Employers may want to know more about your driving history and traffic tickets for different reasons.

  • One of the most common reasons why traffic tickets matter to employers when you are applying for a driving position relates to liability.
  • If you cause an accident while on the job or when driving a corporate vehicle, the business may be liable for the damages you cause.
  • This could even result in a lawsuit, the need to pay for third party’s medical bills and more. Anyone can get into an accident at any time. Therefore, the traffic violations on your record would indicate that you are a riskier applicant to hire.

If you have numerous traffic violations, this could be indicative of generally reckless or dangerous driving behavior, and employers may easily opt to hire someone with a clean driving record.

How to Handle Traffic Tickets

Depending on the type of position that you are applying for, even a single traffic ticket on your record may make you ineligible for the position. For example,

  • Commercial truck driving jobs generally require the driver to have a spotless driving history.
  • Other positions may look at the number of points on your record.
  • The points will be based on how many miles per hour over the speed limit you were driving or the severity of other moving violations that you were convicted of.

It is important to note that even a single ticket in some cases can result in your ineligibility for a position or even in your inability to get hired in your field. With this in mind, consider exploring ways to contest a traffic ticket before it turns into a conviction and you can do this with the legal assistance of an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Employers generally will only learn about moving violations if they turn into a conviction.

Whether you are a truck driver, a taxi driver or some other type of professional that needs to drive on a regular basis for work, your driving record is vital to your ability to work in your field. Because of this, it is always in your best interest to follow safe driving habits and if at all you are issued a traffic citation, consider fighting it and get it dismissed rather than deciding to pay the fine rightaway.


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