6 Things You Didn’t Know about Rolling Stop Penalty in California

One of the most common traffic tickets issued to the drivers in the state of California is for the rolling stop default. When drivers approach a stop sign, they are supposed to make a clear stop. However, some people may  →

9 Ways to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

A traffic stop following a perceived red light violation can result in a ticket that could be quite costly to the driver. Police officers and judges have little tolerance for this particular driving violation. Even good drivers may make this  →

Serious Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License

A driver whose state-issued driver’s license is under suspension receives an official letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The reason for suspension is clearly stated in the letter along with the duration of time that the driver is not  →

5 Tips to Remove a Speeding Ticket from your Driving Record

Image License: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/5786468594/ Getting a speeding ticket is never fun, but the real issue is addition of points on your driving record. These can make your insurance rates go up and even make you ineligible for certain jobs. If these points cross a  →

Tips to Fight a Radar Speeding Ticket

Radar ticket systems have become quite common in many areas today, as it gives law enforcement officers a chance to catch speeding drivers around the clock. While these machines are quite useful to municipalities, they are not always accurate when  →

Things You Must Consider When Deciding to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Court

Going to traffic court often falls at the bottom of people’s list of worries. That’s unfortunate because those who don’t fully understand the ramifications of traffic violations are setting themselves up for incurring expenses that can be avoided and other  →

Is Honesty the Best Policy When Pulled Over for Speeding?

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Should You Take Your Traffic Ticket in Los Angeles Lightly?

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Breaking the Speeding Habit

For some of us, speeding isn’t a matter of outright defiance, or even an urge to get somewhere faster. For some, it’s simply a matter of habit. As a young driver, you got into the habit of driving a little  →

7 Ways to Beat Automated Traffic Cameras

Technology is making our lives more comfortable and convenient, but it’s also presenting some new and interesting problems. For example, it used to be that if you violated a traffic law, a police officer needed to witness the violation for  →